Emergency animal diseases - A field guide for Australian veterinarians


Outbreaks of emergency animal diseases (EADs) in Australia have the potential to cause significant socio-economic impacts, and affect animal, human and environmental health. New diseases of animals continue to emerge and it is important that veterinarians can investigate and report unusual outbreaks of disease in domestic animals.

The field guide on emergency animal diseases provides information on important emergency animal diseases that do not exist in Australia or that are rare. It will help veterinarians in the field include appropriate EADs in their differential diagnoses, and take appropriate action if presented with signs of an unusual disease.

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Additionally, there is a series of training modules available for vets to learn more about EAD surveillance which can be accessed at the Emergency Animal Disease Surveillance Online Training website.

The training will:

  • remind you of your obligations to identify and report cases of suspected EADs to government authorities and identify appropriate reporting mechanisms
  • outline key response strategies and intervention options in an EAD event
  • provide key roles for private veterinarians in the detection, investigation, reporting and response to EAD events
  • help you source technical resources on EADs