What you can do

Australia’s biosecurity system is broad. Everyone can help keep Australia safe. If you work in agriculture, in a supply chain in animal or plant health, or if you are travelling overseas or buying goods online, you can play your part.

What to look for

Learn how to identify signs of animal or plant pests and diseases. This includes new weeds, diseases in wildlife or exotic species such as ants.

Prevent and prepare

See how your actions can protect Australia from exotic animal and plant pests or diseases. How to prepare for an outbreak that might affect you.

During an outbreak

What to do during an animal or plant pest or disease outbreak. How to report, what to report, and what to do next.

Training resources

Find training resources to help you understand your role during an outbreak.

Media arrangements

Information for media reporting on an outbreak.

Report a concern

Report anything unusual, even if you’re not sure. Find the right number to report your concern to the relevant state or territory authority.

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Risks to Australia

Advice on pest and disease threats that have been detected outside Australia.

Our role

How government and industry coordinate a response to an exotic pest or disease outbreak.

Latest outbreak updates

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Disease
  • Animal
High pathogenicity avian influenza, or bird flu, is a viral disease of birds and is spreading globally, causing widespread losses of poultry and wild birds, and spillover infections in mammals.
  • Queensland
  • Weed
  • Plant
Response to red witchweed outbreak in Australia. This includes where it has been detected, restrictions in place, actions you must take, and resources to help you manage risks.