Protect Australia from pests and diseases

If you shop online or are travelling to Australia, exotic pests and diseases can arrive with your goods.

You also need to be aware of any rules within Australia. Some states and territories restrict the movement of items that pose a biosecurity risk to their agriculture.

Check what you must do

Be prepared

Fast action is essential in a pest or disease outbreak. Learn what to look for and what you can do if an outbreak occurs.

Report signs of pests and diseases. How to report a concern.

Farm biosecurity

Farmers and growers play a key role in maintaining our strong biosecurity status. This applies to anyone who works on a farm, from large-scale to hobby farmers.

Good biosecurity practises can help protect your farm from pests, diseases, and invasive weeds.

Check the Farm Biosecurity website for free advice on steps you can take to protect your farm from pests and diseases. It also has resources to help you prepare for an outbreak.

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Includes advice on training staff, processes to monitor crops or livestock, and keep records of farm activity.


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