What we publish

Exotic pests and diseases are a threat to our agriculture and natural environment. The purpose of this website is to provide national coordination of information. It supports on the ground action by state or territory authorities.


Outbreak reports on exotic pests and diseases that:

  • have been detected in Australia
  • are under official national eradication programs.

See all current responses to outbreaks.

We may also provide details on a pest or disease that is no longer under an official eradication program. We’ll do that if:

  • there are still surveillance activities underway
  • we need people to report the pest or disease to see if it’s spreading.

Help to prepare

We publish advice to help you:

  • prevent the spread of pests and diseases
  • be prepared in the event of an outbreak.

See how to prepare for and respond to outbreaks.

Potential risks

We also publish details of potential pest and disease risks in the region.

These pests and diseases are not currently found in Australia. We publish this advice to help you keep watch and be prepared.

See emerging pest and disease threats to Australia.

What we don’t publish

State and territory authorities are responsible for publishing details of pests and diseases relevant to their state. This includes:

  • outbreaks that have moved to a management program
  • established (endemic) pest or diseases.

We don’t publish this information.

Check the relevant state or territory government website.

Working together

Outbreak is hosted and managed by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

We consult on content for the website with: