Prevent and prepare for outbreaks

​​​Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Even if you don’t work in agriculture, you need to consider the biosecurity requirements for goods purchased online, and when you travel within Australia or return from overseas.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has information about what cannot be sent or brought into Australia.

For people travelling within Australia (between states and territories), a guide to interstate movement restrictions is available on the Australian Interstate Quarantine website.

Farm biosecurity

Farmers and growers (whether large-scale or hobby farmers) play a key role in maintaining Australia’s favourable biosecurity status.

Good biosecurity practises can help prevent pest and disease incursions, and invasive weeds establishing on your property.

The Farm Biosecurity website offers a range of free prevention and preparedness resources for hobby farmers, right through to those on large-scale farming enterprises.

Below are direct links to popular pages on the farm biosecurity website.