​​​​This website has been developed by the Australian, state and territory government agricultural agencies. We aim to provide information about emergency responses to animal and plant pest and disease incursions that affect Australia’s agriculture industries and environment.

Outbreak reports on exotic pests and diseases that have been detected in Australia but are under official national eradication programs.

This website may also provide information about a pest or disease that is no longer under an official eradication program if there is important information that the community still needs to be aware of. For example, if surveillance activities are still occurring in a particular location or we need people to report the pest or disease if found at a new location.

Pests and diseases that have transitioned from eradication to management programs are the responsibility of the state or territory where the outbreak occurred. If you are looking for information on a pest or disease that is considered endemic (established) in Australia the department of primary industries or agriculture in the state or territory where it is found, will have information about it on their website.

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This website is hosted and managed by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry​. The website’s content is provided in consultation with the National Biosecurity Communication and Engagement Network (NBCEN).

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