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Australia is fortunate to be free from many pests and diseases found in other countries that could harm the health of animals, people, plants and the environment.

This favourable biosecurity status provides significant economic and community benefits for all Australians. It protects our agricultural sectors and supports our global reputation as a safe and reliable trading nation.

Managing Australia’s biosecurity system is a big job. The Australian Government works in partnership with other governments, industry and the community to prevent exotic pests and diseases from arriving, and helping to control outbreaks when they do occur.

Pest and disease information

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National eradication programs

Eradication programs by state & territory

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Responding to outbreaks

Prevent and prepare for an outbreak

Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Even if you don’t work in agriculture, you need to consider the biosecurity requirements for goods purchased online, when you travel within Australia or return from overseas.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture has information about what cannot be sent or brought into Australia.

For people travelling within Australia (between states and territories), a guide to interstate quarantine is available on the Quarantine Domestic website.

Whether you’re in farming for business or just a hobby, you have a role in protecting Australia’s plant and livestock industries from pests and diseases. Good on-farm biosecurity practices are critical and don’t have to be difficult nor expensive to implement. 

Find out how to prevent and prepare for an outbreak.

Plant scientists and veterinarians