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Australia is fortunate to be free from many pests and diseases found in other countries that could harm our agriculture industries, animals, plants, environment and even our lifestyle.

The Australian Government works in partnership with other governments, industry and the community to prevent new pests and diseases from arriving, and helping to control outbreaks when they do occur.

At times, this requires the implementation of national programs to eradicate incursions of specific exotic plant pests or diseases or significant animal or marine pests and diseases.

National eradication programs in Australia are cooperative efforts between the Australian government, state and territory governments and affected industries.

At other times, a response is handled solely by the state or territory where the outbreak occurred, or in partnership with one or more other states.

How these national programs work

How you can help

The public can play a key role in the fight to keep Australia pest and disease free. Having good biosecurity measures in place will aid in avoiding pest and disease incursions on your property or minimise the risk of further spread/impact of the pest or disease. Implementing biosecurity measures doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

You can also help by watching out for anything unusual in your environment.

If you suspect a new pest or disease, collect a sample or take photos for identification, note the location, check the characteristics against information on this site or related sites, and report the sighting to the relevant authorities.

Current national eradication programs

National eradication programs by state & territory

State-based programs

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